Kaapatut Lapset – Abducted Children Finland NGO and The Federation of Mother and child homes and Shelters are conducting a survey for parents that have experienced divorce or separation in a multicultural family in Finland.

The goal of this survey is to produce information about the experiences that parents have from services related to the divorce/separation process and parenting after divorce, as well as making parents’ experiences about parenting after divorce heard. The results of this survey are used in raising awareness and developing information offered to different professionals in e.g. social welfare and legal fields of work. By answering these questions, you participate in providing professionals and service providers a better understanding about the needs of multicultural families in situations of divorce and separation.

The results of the survey will be published in Erofoorumi 2022 (an event for professionals working with divorced families in Finland).

By multicultural family we mean families in which the parents are born in different countries or have grown up in different cultures, or are born in the same country and migrated to Finland. Other words to describe our these families could be intercultural or crosscultural families, as well as immigrant families.

We wish to reach parents with various experiences – whether your separation was smooth or rocky, your experience matters! The words ”separation” and ”divorce” are used synonymously in the survey. You are welcome to answer whether you are divorced from marriage or separated from other kind of intimate or spousal relationship.

At the end of the survey you can give us your contact details. A prize will be drawn among the respondents that have left their contact details.Prizes include 1 x Yhteistyövanhemmuuden käsikirja-book and 2 x 2 tickets to Finnkino cinemas. The answers to the survey will be handled anonymously and separately from respondents’ contact details.

For more information about the survey, contact suunnittelija@kaapatutlapset.fi

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Picture: Edi Libedin/Unsplash.com