7.–9.9.2018 Crowne Plaza Helsinki Mannerheimintie 50
00260 Helsinki

Talking about gender perspective after #metoo


Välkommen till konferensen!

Nordiska Kvinnor Mot Våld -nätverket organiserar konferenser som ger inspiration och aktuell information om arbete mot våld med könsperspektiv. Årets konferens är i Helsinki, Finland.

Welcome to the conference!

Nordic Women Against Violence -network organizes yearly a conference for inspiring each other and sharing information and experiences. This years conference will be held in Finland.

Programmet uppdateras alltid när det kommer ny information
The program will be updated along the way as we get new information confirmed

Presentationer i stora salen ska hållas på skandinaviska eller på engelska – och simultantolkas till den andra.
The presentations in the main hall will be either in Scandinavian language or English – and  simultaneously translated to the other.

Friday 7.9.

14-16 registration

16.00 Opening of the conference

16.15 How did we end up to #metoo? Tracing the roots of silence and shame in gender-based violence. Are we testifying backlash or progress?This lecture takes the audience to a journey through the last 500 years of Western gender-based violence. I aim to investigate elements upholding various forms of violence and control and suggest that their history is relevant in current debates on equality. Historical examples demonstrate the difficulties in recognizing and fighting violence, but at the same time, they encourage to believe in possibilities of anti-violence work. The talk is based on Lidman’s book Gender, Violence and Attitudes. Lessons from Early modern Europe (to be published by Routledge in June 2018)

PhD Satu Lidman, adjunct professor in History of Criminal Law, University of Turku

17.00 Landpresentation i en kvart – hur ser läget ut från nordiska ländernas perspektiv?
: LOKK – landsorganisation af kvindekrisecentre
Grönland: Krisecentret i Nuuk
Färöarna:  Kvinnuhúsfelagið
Island:  Stigamot, Spokeswoman Guðrún Jónsdóttir &  Krisesentret, Director Sigthrudur Gudmundsdottir
Norge: Krisesentersekretariatet

19.00 Get together

Saturday 8.9.

09.00 The effects of #metoo to legislation: what is the best possible outcome in the Nordic Countries?
What elements would the best possible legislation consist of? Legislation is an essential tool for making the lived reality free of violence for all women. Nordic countries have still miles ahead to travel before our legislation effectively protects all women – including (f.ex) undocumented women, transfeminine and women with disabilities  – from violations of their sexual autonomy. What would be different from what we have now?
Amnesty International is currently conducting research in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden about access to justice for rape victims. Part of the aim is to identify the obstacles, but just as important is to vision a future, to sketch a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Helle Jacobsen, Amnesty Denmark
Otava Piha, Amnesty Finland
Patricia Kaatee, Amnesty Norway
Katarina Bergehed, Amnesty Sweden
Host: Pia Puu Oksanen, Amnesty Finland

9.45  Landpresentation i en kvart – hur ser läget ut från nordiska ländernas perspektiv?
: Unizon, Generalsekreterare Olga Persson & ROKS, Ordförande Jenny Westerstrand
Finland: Förbundet för mödra- och skyddshem, Ordförande Tuula Haatainen

10.15 pause

10.30 Gender perspective in education of children and young people after #metoo

11.30 lunch

12.30 Workshops, first round

14.00 coffee

14.30 Workshops, second round

19.00 conference dinner

Sunday 9.9.

09.00 What are men going to do?

10.15 pause

10.30 passing the baton to the next organizing country

10.45 The power of voices and activism

11.30 closing of the seminar, lunch and a meeting of the reference group

Anmälning till workshops sker i konferensen
Registration to workshops will be done in the conference
1. Vulnerable groups: minorities

Working with immigrant women in vulnerable situations: Violence and integration
Exploring the different types of domestic violence against immigrant women and its effect on integration into the Finnish society. This workshop takes a closer look at the problems and seeks to find potential solutions to this matter.
Jennifer Garraoui, Social Counselor, Mona-Shelter
MONIKA – Multicultural Women’s Association

2. Vulnerable groups: children

Barn på krisesenter – utfordringer knyttet til ivaretakelse av barns
Wanja J. Saether, Daglig leder, Krisesenteret i Salten Norge

Helping children in daytime services
Tiina Muukkonen, development manager, Federation of Mother and child homes and Shelters

3. Porr och prostitution ur ett könsmaktsperspektiv

Fighting against porn as gender perspective education for our children and youth
Kajsa Ekis Ekman
Unizon & Roks, Sverige

4. Digital violence

Experiences and methods of working against digital stalking
Jonna Brandt, social worker of the stalking project, Viola – free from violence

Possibilities in helping a victim of digital crime
Katariina Westman and Sari Somppi, Victim Support Finland

5. Stress release by movement

Be safe in your body
Johanna Matikka, Federation of Mother and child homes and Shelters, Finland

Utvecklingsprojekt: stressreducerande terapier för kvinnor i kvinnojourer
Eleonora Bru, Sverige

6. Let’s listen to the researchers

Incorporating Vulnerability: Recognizing and naming invisible forms of violence 
This workshop focuses on the importance of recognizing and naming invisible forms of gender-based violence, such as emotional abuse and psychological aggression, which have received minor attention in previous research as well as in anti-violence work. The workshop builds on the Incorporating Vulnerability research project (University of Helsinki, Gender Studies), which brings together a multidisciplinary research team to create new understandings of violence and processes of healing. In the workshop we address how diverse experiences of gender-based violence are often interconnected with other forms of violence, such as racism and homophobia.
The workshop includes a commentary by one of the research team members, who is also a member of Trasek, a Finnish association for transgender and intersex rights in Finland. This commentary addresses how discrimination of trans and intersex patients in the current health care system can be interpreted as a form of structural violence.

Elina PenttinenJulian Honkasalo and Ada Schwanck, University of Helsinki

7. Ungdomar: Syk kjærlighet och Flickornas Hus

Syk kjærlighet -projekt
Det ble sett i gang i fortsettelsen av #metoo på Valentinusdagen og grunnen er at 70% av de som søkte hjelp i Stigamot siste år, fortalte at volden hadde startet før de ble atten år gamle. Jenter klaget også over liten undervisning om vold blant ungdommer.  Prosjektet handler om ungdomsforhold,både sunne og usunne.
Steinunn Gyðu- og Guðjónsdóttir, Stigamot, Iceland

Helping girls who have been sexually violated
Unprocessed sexual violations are risks to close relationships
Kristiina Hannila, The girls’ house Helsinki, Finland

8. The role of boys and men in the change of gender perspective

Kärlek börjar aldrig med bråk – en workshop om makt, kön, sex och hur vi kan förebygga våld
Sofie Markne
Jessica Norin Ortiz

9. The effects of stress during pregnancy and possibilities to support mothers-to-be

FinnBrain Birth Cohort Study: Early Life Stress
Riikka Korja, PhD, associate professof of Psychology, University of Turku

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Nordiska Kvinnor mot Våld -Conference 2018

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I Nordiska Kvinnor Mot Våld -nätverket har vi nordiska organisationer som uppehåller kvinnojourer och andra form av stöd och hjälp:
* Danmark: LOKK – landsorganisation af kvindekrisecentre (www.lokk.dk)
* Grönland: krisecentret i Nuuk
* Finland: Förbundet för Mödra och Skyddshem (www.etkl.fi)
* Färöarna:  Kvinnuhúsfelagið ( www.kvinnuhusid.fo)
* Island: Stigamot – education and counceling center for survivors of sexual abuse and violence (www.stigamot.is)
* Norge: Krisesentersekretariatet (www.krisesenter.com)
* Sverige: ROKS – Riksorganisationen för kvinnojourer och tjejjourer i Sverige (www.roks.se) och
UNIZON – Sveriges kvinno- och tjejjourrers riksförbund (www.unizon.se)

Mera information, more information

Sari Laaksonen
sari.laaksonen@etkl.fi, p. 040 746 9984

Johanna Matikka
johanna.matikka@etkl.fi, p. 050 373 8506